3 Reasons Why Your New Hires Quit

As technology becomes more rampant nowadays in our society, the employee retention rate is on a brink. Subsequently, we are no longer worried about productivity. Instead, we are more worry about the low retention rate. Additionally, this may also contribute to other long-term issues such as high cost of employing, wastage of time, etc.

The entire recruitment process is super tedious and consumed a precious hours during the day at work. Ensuring the sustainability of your talents is vital. Also, your top-performing person should shows a long-term prospect for your organisation.

If you wish to post job ads and recruit top-performing candidates, make use of free job posting sites database such as JobStreet. Here are a few reasons why your newly hired people are quitting:

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They are not fit in the company

Have you ever felt like you do not belong to a specific group? Put yourself that you have been in the same position as some candidates, they are thinking the same once they walk in the workplace.

Often during interviews session, they are unable to picture themselves working with their colleague instantly. After all, interviews aren’t a clear depiction of how is the company from inside, how is the company culture and the peoples. Candidates base their opinions of the company on the recruiters. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your recruiters are well-versed and exhibits clear ideas how is the company.

The job not fit for them

Employees who always shows a strong performance tends to be promoted and will be seen on a better light. Thus, the lower-performing employees may feel demotivated, slacking behind the other employees.

Feeling demotivated will most likely affix unnecessary pressure on the employee. That employee may leave feeling unhappy and not content with their lives.

Lifestyle differs

Candidates search for benefits and perks that they can receive when working for the company. Although the pay or wages are one of the main factors affecting whether an employee retains, other factors come into play as well.

More factors are often more ambiguous and subjective depending on the lifestyle of the candidates. However, wages are the most significant factor. Moreover, transportation may affect and the candidates’ decision.


Multiple of factors come into the picture that convinces your employees to leave after a short period. The reasons are never the same for every individual, but some reasonings are often universal and are implemented on a shared basis.